FEGA TOOL & GAGE CO.  has been in the business of manufacturing tooling and gages for various segments of the plastic and metal forming industry since 1952.  We believe this experience in prototype form work and specialty gears provide a service essential to the manufacturing community.

FEGA TOOL & GAGE CO. is set up to do service work for other companies (short delivery) as well as build tooling packages and gears/gages complete.  We are capable of building a myriad of tooling in general.  Our specialty is spline work, in quantities from one piece or one hundred, both internal and external forms.  In conjunction with this, we grind I.D. and O.D., as well as burn conventionally and with traveling wire E.D.M.

FEGA TOOL & GAGE CO. believes in the philosophy of satisfying our customers with quality tooling and on-time delivery.  We are prepared to deliver a host of machining capabilities to completely machine your tooling needs.  Quality control inspection and approval are performed in conjunction to on-time delivery to your plant.  Capabilities include both large and small part machining.

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